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ELITE Floral Group was founded by Emelie Wallstedt in 2015 - but her family's history in the flower industry reaches many generations back in time. 

Emelie Wallstedt grew up on a flower and fruit orchard in between 4000 fruit trees 
on the countryside about 2 hours south of Stockholm, Sweden, that has belonged to her family since the 18th century. The nature, flowers and hard work has been a part of her life since the beginning, business development and seeing the beauty in things grow caught her interest in the early stages of her life and are strong factors in everything Emelie and ELITE Floral Group stands for today.

In the low seasons she's always taken the opportunity to travel, live abroad in longer periods and to see the world as much as she can since it's one of her biggest passions in life, the combination of growing up in a business driven family and the curiosity of learning from other cultures has taken her where she is today. 

ELITE Floral Group was founded to be a platform where Emelie Wallstedt and her team could offer floral design to clients with high ambitions in the corporate world and that has been the main target group since start. The exquisite floral art has also been appealing to bridal couples and ELITE Floral Group offers floral design services to a small selected amount of private gatherings every year. In between corporate events and weddings ELITE Floral Group offers floral art to editorial styling in magazines, moving pictures and art projects.      

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